Why You Screen The Patio

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So this is how it works then. This is why it is a good idea to have a screened in patio instead of leaving out in the open. Or out in the cold; because would you not love to sit out on your patio during those chilly winter months. Anyhow, it should have been obvious by now. Sitting out on the patio while it is a bit chilly, to put it mildly if you will, can be a rather unpleasant experience. Henceforth the patio idea is rejected. 

It is a sad, poor pity indeed. Such a sad waste of space. And as it turns out; more money wasted too. You spent all that money on the patio and you are not using it? Ah yes, but you see; there are always those warm and pleasant sunny summer months. But then it gets blazing hot again. And the poisonously bright sunlight is ruining your eyes. Useless putting up a beach brolly because there it goes again.

screened in patio

Yes, the umbrella could be blowing over too, but it is the wind you see. It is blowing blazing gales out there. So, so unpleasant out there, you might as well go back inside. And of course there she goes again. The poor old patio, all on its own again. Such a waste. Such a waste of space. Such a waste of money. Other factors to take into account when putting up a screen are these. All that you would like to keep out on the patio, pretty much at all times, can be kept clean and tidy, and in one piece too.

Well, most of the time anyway because don’t you forget; you still need to clean and maintain your patio furniture, and your barbecue space too.